Package 1 FAQ’s

  1. Make Payment
  2. Fill in questionnaire 
  3. On receiving the above you, will be contacted by myself via WhatsApp or e-mail with instructions on recording and sending video your footage using a mobile phone or video camera. If necessaryI will request any information I feel necessary to support you. 
  4. Send your footage back to me via WhatsApp or e-mail.
  5. With reference to the written information I have received from your questionnaire I will complete an in-depth analysis of your footage. This will include your strengths, areas to work on and drills or sessions which will help with your development. 
  6. You will then be contacted again with instructions on how to book your video call.
  7. Your video call with me will include video explanations, on screen analysis and a discussion of my findings. We will then discuss areas for improvements and I will share appropriate drills to support this.
  8. This will be followed up with a written copy by e-mail of all that has been shared with you during the video call.
  9. Finally, after 2-4 weeks of practice, depending on your practice time available, you will send updated videos via e-mail or WhatsApp and I will review your progress. 
  10. I will contact you via e-mail with my findings and suggestions for your further development. 
  11. If you are happy with the direction and progress, there will be further options for "add-ons" to your package.