An opportunity to be coached by one of England's most dedicated players. 30 years of chasing international cricket perfectly funnelled into 1 on 1 coaching.

Students enrolled in my 1 on 1 Academy receive a yearly development opportunity in which I provide my best direction and hands-on approach to develop the next generation of our sports superstars.

If your form needs a finite area of improvement, David Willey's 1 on 1 Academy offers the most dedicated and cumulative approach. Sustained development, focused attention and guaranteed results.

Location of private lessons and on going coaching are subjective depending on athletes requirements.

Enrolments in David Willey's yearly 1 on 1 Academy are accepted on a request-basis and pricing plans must follow a 1 hour consultation appointment to ensure your expectations are accurately met. 

To inquire about a custom tailored coaching packing for you or prospective athlete, please visit the contact page.


I’ve been represented by Quantum Sport throughout my career. If you progress to the required standard we can assist and advise on the transition into the professional game.